The Magic Drawing Board is a dry
erase board that is completely blank until I
draw a face on it.  Any kind of face, Pirate,
Santa, Wicked Witch, TV Evangelist,
It then comes alive  and we hold a
conversation.  When I'm done, I just wipe
the board clean.  (It's really cool!)
Marlin the Magician
comes from a small suburb of Camelot called
Camelittle.  He claims there's a musical about
Camelittle and he'll start singing selections from
it if not stopped in time.
He calls volunteers from the audience and
actually does magic tricks.
My shows are designed to appeal to audiences of all
ages, and are always family appropriate.

Here's a quick introduction to
some of my characters.
Jonathan has been with the show for over
twenty years. He hates baloney sandwiches.
(It's a long story, I won't go into it)  He tends to
get into mischief, and has an eye for the ladies.
Sinclair the Scottish Sea Serpent sent to
America from his home in Loch the Door. Sinclair
enjoys the outdoors and playing the bagpipes
(which he actually does in the show).
Cookie the Cockatoo
was found in the rain forest of Antelope Island,
and is being trained to speak
and sing.  He actually sings while I drink a glass
of water.
(Yes we really pull it off!)
Sammy the trained skunk amazes
audiences with a variety of tricks and
(His favorite trick is playing dead.  He loves
it so much that I have to pretend to "revive"
him or he will play dead for hours.)
Ben the secret agent monkey
has a full range of super spy
gadgets including:
a Banana Phone
and the Laser Banana.
He is also a master of disguise!
My Characters
GriffinTalent LLC
Granpa Fertnur is actually Jonathan's
grandpa.  He is so old he has an
autographed copy of the bible.  He visited
the Dead Sea when it was just sick.
I could go on.