What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is actually a natural state.  We go into a
hypnotic state several times a day whether we know
it or not when we:
  • Daydream-driving and you don't
    remember the last twenty blocks,
    but you arrived safely
  • Space out in front of the television
  • Become involved in a good book
    and tune out those around you
Common Misconceptions
  • I will lose control to the hypnotist
  • I might get stuck and not come out
    of hypnosis
  • I will be made to do things I don't
    want to do
  • I will tell personal secrets
  • Hypnosis is evil
In reality, Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of
relaxed focus that is used for learning and change.

You are aware of everything that goes on in
Hypnosis  and you will remember everything that
you want to remember.  You will not do anything
under Hypnosis that you would not normally do out
of Hypnosis; that includes revealing personal
information.  You could actually lie in hypnosis if
you chose to.  You can bring yourself out
of the hypnotic state anytime you choose, and
cannot "Get Stuck".

YOU are always in control.  I am a facilitator helping
you get the results you want, using the tools you
already have.

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